HP DL580 Gen8 optimized BIOS settings for ESXi

HP DL580 Gen8 optimized BIOS

For a customer we needed to specify the optimized BIOS settings for their new HP DL580 Gen8 servers to run VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5 u2.

These settings are based on the optimized settings and might be needed to change if there are specific configuration or specific needs.

For example we disabled the embedded HP RAID controller because we used a SD card for the ESXi OS.

HP DL580 Gen8 optimized BIOS

  • System Options
    • ProcessorOptions
      • NoExecute Mem Prot > [set] Enabled
    • Intel Virtualization Technology > [set] Enabled
    • Intel Hyperthreading Options > [set] Enabled
    • Processor Core Disable > [set] 0
    • Intel Turbo Boost Technology > [set] Enabled
      • Intel VT-d > [set] Enabled
  • Power Management Options
    • HP Power Profile > [set] Maximum Performance
  • Server Security
    • Intelligent Provisioning (F10 Prompt) > [set] Disabled
    • F11 Boot Menu Prompt>[set] Enable
  • Advanced Options
    • Advanced System Rom Options
      • Power-On Logo > [set] Disabled
      • HP Option Rom Prompting > [set] Enable

Optional settings :

  • System Options
    • Serial Port Options
      • Embedded Serial Port > [set] Disabled
  • Server Availability
    • ASR > [set] Disabled
  • PCI Device Enable/Disable
    • Embedded : Storage Controller > [set] Disabled

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