How to change your forgotten vRealize Operations 6.x root password

Today I wanted to access my vRealize Operations (vROps) appliance through the console, but… oh cr*p what did I use as the root password of the appliance again…

vRealize Operations

After some research it appears to be quite easy to change your forgotten root password.

Reset vRealize Operations root password

Open the console of the vRealize Operations appliance through the vSphere Web Client or the old trusted vSphere Client. Then reboot the vRealize Operations appliance and when the bootloader appears just append init=/bin/bash to the boot options.


Proceed with booting the appliance and when the appliance is done booting type passwd Read More

Home Lab

In the years before 2013, I ran my Home Lab on VMware Workstation. I mainly used my desktop for this task, but after some issues with ballooning VMs and performance issues it was time for me to create a shopping list for a more serious Home Lab. The combination of the items on the shopping list had to meet the following requirements :

– Max performance with power efficiency
– Has to be silent
– Minimum of 2 hosts
– Minimum of 32GB per host
– Multiple NICs
– Space for a SSD drive
– And of course the WAF was quite important

For whoever doesn’t know what WAF is, damn you’re lucky… But here is a pretty good explanation : link

Then the search began, googleling I came across some good blog post with helpfull information.

Erik Bussink : 2013 Homelab refresh
Kendrick Coleman : Green Machines 5.5 Home Lab Update
Eric Shanks : Baby Dragon Home Lab

At the moment this is the current logical design of my Home Lab :

Home Lab

And it consists of the following hardware :
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