vRealize Automation 7 Upgrade Considerations

For an engagement last week, I had to find out if there are any considerations for performing an in place upgrade to vRealize Automation 7. And funny enough I found a few…

vRealize Automation 7 upgrade

vRealize Automation 7 Upgrade Considerations

  • Minimum upgrade version to vRA 7.0 is vRA 6.2.x
  • Note : vRA 6.2.4 will not be supported for upgrade to 7.0 until 7.x
  • vRA 7.0 will only work with vRO 7.0
  • Customers with vRA 6.0 / 6.1 need to upgrade to 6.2.x first
  • The upgrade process to vRA 7.0 will stop if :
    • Physical Endpoints are detected
    • vCloud Director Endpoints are detected
  • Application Services Blueprints will not be migrated
  • Add component for Multi Machine Blueprints will not be available in 7.0
  • vRA 7.0 vRO Plug-in is not backward compatible
  • Customizations that leverage Custom Components Catalog (CCC) and vCloud Automation Center Designer (CDK) will not be supported in 7.0

    Background Information :


    Physical Endpoints

    All previously supported physical endpoints like HP iLO, Cisco UCS, Dell iDRAC etc are not supported. I could not find any specific reason for it, only that it did not make the vRA 7.0 release.
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