VMworld 2018 Las Vegas

Here we go again! VMworld 2018 Las Vegas is starting in just a few days! Vegas Baby!

VMworld 2018 Las Vegas

VMworld is the tech conference everyone from customers to partners dealing with VMware technology. Team ITQ has a presence at VMworld in the form of Johan van Amersfoort, Laurens van Duijn and Wesley Geelhoed and yours truly. And we are bringing a bunch of cool stickers with us as well!

Just find us lingering around at the VM Village or Bloggers Area or hit us up on twitter to collect yours!

VMworld 2018 Las Vegas Sessions

Here is a selection from the session I’m really looking forward to:

[VIN2410BU] Nerds with Appliances: vCenter Server Migration

William Lam & Emad Younis

The VMware vCenter Server deprecation for Windows has been announced, and the vCenter Server Appliance is the future. Don’t fear: Migrating your management from a vCenter Server on Windows to a vCenter Server Appliance does not have be complicated. This session will cover native tools provided by VMware to help guide you toward a successful migration from a vCenter Server on Windows to a vCenter Server Appliance. You will learn about the migration process, get best practices, learn tips and tricks, and see some automation magic to guide you through your transition from Windows to the appliance.

[VIN2256BU] Tech Preview: The Road to a Declarative Compute Control Plane

Maarten Wiggers & Frank Denneman

Declarative control planes are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. Instead of explicitly defining configurations, declarative control planes tell the architecture what the desired state should be. The desired state could be high priority, or keep particular VMs or containers separate. Within the software-defined data center (SDDC), VMware vSphere offers two declarative control planes: one for networking and one for storage. However, there is no declarative control plane for compute yet. Compute policy provides a framework to allow our customers the flexibility and control of VM placement and resourcing decisions based on the user’s encompassing application needs. In this session, you will learn about the capabilities introduced in the VMware Cloud SDDC as a path to achieve that goal.

[CNA2755BU] Architecting PKS for Production: Lessons Learned from PKS Deployments

Romain Decker & Suman Sharma

Are you curious about how customers are leveraging Pivotal Container Service (PKS) and VMware NSX-T to design and deploy a Kubernetes solution on VMware vSphere? In this session, you will get a deep dive into PKS within the context of real-world customer deployment scenarios. The speakers will share the lessons learned from their successful PKS and NSX-T deployments, and show you how to architect PKS for a production environment. Come and learn about the do’s, don’ts, and best practices. After this session, you will be better equipped to deploy and manage enterprise-grade Kubernetes in your infrastructure and use NSX-T to bridge the gap in network and security for container workloads.

[VIN2650BU] Designing for the Unexpected: Delivering IT on a Boat with VMware Horizon

Mark Brookfield & Katarina Wagnerova

This session will discuss some of the key requirements of delivering an IT infrastructure on a boat for a maritime expedition.
You will find out how using VMware’s end-user computing solution enabled the science team to deliver complex applications that map the archeology of the Black Sea.
Find out about the requirements, constraints, and risks, plus the decisions taken to overcome them, making it possible to conduct one of the largest multidisciplinary maritime archaeology projects ever attempted.

[VIN1738BU] vSphere Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 3

Frank Denneman & Niels Hagoort

While this session focuses on upper levels/overlay services (software-defined data center, VMware NSX), proper host design and management still remain the foundation of success. With these new overlay services, we are presented with a new consumer of host resources. Ironically, it’s the attention to these abstraction layers that returns us to focusing on individual host components. This talk goes into details of CPU and memory configuration. It also zooms in on how virtual networking influences VM configuration and host design. Learn about a collection of forgotten or unknown command line tools that provide you unparalleled insight of the behavior of resource consumers (VMs) and providers (hosts). This info contributes to optimal scaling decisions and allows you to right-size your virtual data center to achieve consistent performance.

VMworld 2018 Las Vegas Links

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And finally some other handy links for VMworld 2018 Las Vegas:


I hope to see you in Vegas to chat about whatever (even non-VMware related stuff 😉 ), just say hi if you see me or hit me up on twitter @vMBaggum.

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