vRealize Operations HA Using an F5 Load Balancer

Last week I was configuring vRealize Operations (vROps) HA using an F5 Load Balancer. The deployment of a vROps HA cluster is pretty straight forward, the only “big” challenge I encountered was the creation of the F5 health monitor for the vROps HA cluster nodes. The reason for this is that when you use the default TCP or HTTPS monitor checks you don’t know for sure if the vROps cluster node is up and running but only that it responded on HTTPS. And that’s not what we wanted!

After some digging around in the normal vROps REST API I couldn’t find any way to check the status of the vROps HA nodes, but then I found the CaSA (Cluster and Slice Administration) REST API and there is a way to check if a slice (cluster node) is online or not.

Disclaimer : Beware the CaSA API is currently a private API and may change in future releases

Cluster node / slice Online :


Cluster node / Slice Offline :


So now we know this we can use this for our F5 health monitor!
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