Home Lab

In the years before 2013, I ran my Home Lab on VMware Workstation. I mainly used my desktop for this task, but after some issues with ballooning VMs and performance issues it was time for me to create a shopping list for a more serious Home Lab. The combination of the items on the shopping list had to meet the following requirements :

– Max performance with power efficiency
– Has to be silent
– Minimum of 2 hosts
– Minimum of 32GB per host
– Multiple NICs
– Space for a SSD drive
– And of course the WAF was quite important

For whoever doesn’t know what WAF is, damn you’re lucky… But here is a pretty good explanation : link

Then the search began, googleling I came across some good blog post with helpfull information.

Erik Bussink : 2013 Homelab refresh
Kendrick Coleman : Green Machines 5.5 Home Lab Update
Eric Shanks : Baby Dragon Home Lab

At the moment this is the current logical design of my Home Lab :

Home Lab

And it consists of the following hardware :
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