How to manually update the vRealize Business reference database

On several of my last vRealize projects, I’ve had the challenge (one of many 😉 ) of getting direct access from the vRealize Business (vRB) to the internet to retrieve the latest vRB reference database from the VMware servers. There is a manual way to do this, but this involves opening a SR, sending them the though vRB created file and waiting for VMware support to reply with the updated file. It works but it takes some time and effort also from VMware support.

But now VMware came up with an improved way to update the vRealize Business reference database :

vRealize Business


Update vRealize Business reference database process

Open the vRealize Automation (vRA) portal and log in to the portal with credentials that has “Business Management Administrator” rights. Then open Business Administration -> Business Management -> Update Reference Database.
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Required Firewall Ports for vRealize

In this post I’ll describe the required firewall ports for vRealize Automation (vRA), vRealize Business (vRB) and vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) with some additional components like IPAM.
Required Firewall Ports for vRealize
The past few months I have been working on designing and implementing a couple of firewalled distributed VMware vRealize solutions. And every time I had the same challenges, not really well documented ports. For example, if you try to install a vRealize Automation IaaS component you need to have port 5480 open from the IaaS server to the vRealize Automation Appliance. This is not mentioned in the official vRA Port Requirements under “Outgoing Ports for Infrastructure as a Service Components”, so this was always a struggle to get this past the security guys why this port needed to be opened because it isn’t in the official documentation.

Therefore I have created the Visio drawing above with all different components and the required firewall ports for vRA, vRB and vRO that can be used as a reference point. Read More