NSX Manager SFTP Backup

During my last couple of NSX projects the backup of the NSX Manager proved to be some kind of a challenge. Using the NSX manager, it is possible to create backups via the FTP or the SFTP transfer protocol, but because we wanted to adhere the NSX hardening recommendations SFTP is preferred transfer protocol. No biggie you would think, except that most of the customers did not possessed the proper SFTP (don’t confuse with FTPS!!) software to support this.

Why is it so important to create a proper backup of the NSX Manager? Well that’s because the backup contains the following components :

  • NSX configuration
  • NSX Controllers configuration
  • Logical switches configuration
  • Routing configuration
  • Security groups, policies and settings
  • All firewall rules
  • And simply everything else that you configure within the NSX Manager UI or API
    I think you now understand why you want to have these settings safely stored away.

    So what are our options? On SFTP.net the authors created a list of stand-alone SFTP servers that can be used for this task. For some customers it is difficult to procure these types of software online and rather use “freeware”. Then the next problem arises, some companies won’t use encryption software if it’s not commercial… Yeah I love those discussion with the security guys 🙂 .

    OK so just for the sake of it (and I’m not bound by any security guys looking over my shoulders) I’m just going for the NSX Manager SFTP Backup based on FreeFTPd for Windows.

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    Hello world!

    Hello world!

    Welcome to my new blog vMBaggum.

    Hello World

    During my daily work as a consultant I come across a lot of issues, fixes, handy blogs and cool scripts that I save for my own reference. So I thought why don’t I share these items with the rest of the community and let everyone benefit of it.

    Also I’ll try to create some useful how to’s and write updates about new software releases.

    Oh and before I forget it…
    My opinions are also those of my employers, but they just don’t know it yet 😉

    I hope you enjoy this blog! 🙂

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