vRealize Automation 7 Upgrade Considerations

For an engagement last week, I had to find out if there are any considerations for performing an in place upgrade to vRealize Automation 7. And funny enough I found a few…

vRealize Automation 7 upgrade

vRealize Automation 7 Upgrade Considerations

  • Minimum upgrade version to vRA 7.0 is vRA 6.2.x
    • Note : vRA 6.2.4 will not be supported for upgrade to 7.0 until 7.x
  • vRA 7.0 will only work with vRO 7.0
  • Customers with vRA 6.0 / 6.1 need to upgrade to 6.2.x first
  • The upgrade process to vRA 7.0 will stop if :
    • Physical Endpoints are detected
    • vCloud Director Endpoints are detected
  • Application Services Blueprints will not be migrated
  • Add component for Multi Machine Blueprints will not be available in 7.0
  • vRA 7.0 vRO Plug-in is not backward compatible
  • Customizations that leverage Custom Components Catalog (CCC) and vCloud Automation Center Designer (CDK) will not be supported in 7.0


Background Information :


Physical Endpoints

All previously supported physical endpoints like HP iLO, Cisco UCS, Dell iDRAC etc are not supported. I could not find any specific reason for it, only that it did not make the vRA 7.0 release.

When upgrading from vRA 6.2 to vRA 7.0 an pre-upgrade check runs prior to the upgrade process and blocks the upgrade if a Physical Endpoint is detected.

vCloud Director Endpoints (vCD)

Due to majors changes in the vCloud Director / vCloud Air support in vRA, it is not supported to perform an in-place upgrade. The vApps in vRA 7.0 are no longer treated as vApp but as single machine vApps. Because of this, not only do blueprint and catalog items need to be updated but also managed vApps and any catalog concepts that are specific to the vApp type, including the requests and approvals.
There is also an introduction of a new specific endpoint type for vCloud Air (vCA). This endpoint makes it easier to bring vCA resources under vRA management. There is no automatic conversion for vCD endpoints to vCA endpoints.

When upgrading from vRA 6.2 to vRA 7.0 an pre-upgrade check runs prior to the upgrade process and blocks the upgrade if a vCD Endpoint is detected.

Application Services (aka AppDirector)

Application Services is being migrated to vRA and is part of the vRA appliance to provide a single product for Iaas to Application as a Service. Application Services is not fully migrated yet and the first part of the migration is delivered as the converged blueprint model. With this single machine and multi tier applications with software can be modeled and deployed.

There is no upgrade path available from Application Services 6.x to 7.0

vRA 7.0 vRO Plug-in

The new vRA 7.0 vRO Plug-in includes new workflows based on the “move” of the logic from Iaas to CAFÈ. Be aware that during the upgrade all predefined old Iaas workflows will be removed, this can lead to problems with custom workflows using the old Iaas concept.

Custom Components Catalog (CCC)

With the new blueprint model and move from .NET to Java custom components will not be available. Therefore, it is quite important to uninstall any CCC component before upgrading to vRA 7.0

vCloud Automation Center Designer (CDK)

An improved extensibility mechanism for vRA is now available aka the Event Broker. The CDK has been deprecated (as planned) in vRA 7.0 and functionality must be re-implemented through vRO and the Event Broker

VMware Upgrade Assistance

VMware created the Upgrade Assistance Program to help you determine your readiness and to ensure that you can successfully upgrade to vRealize Automation 7.0.


vRealize Automation 7.0.1 Release Notes: Link
vRealize Automation 7.0.1 Magement: Link

Marco van Baggum

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  1. According to your note,
    Note : vRA 6.2.4 will not be supported for upgrade to 7.0 until 7.x

    Would like to check with you vRA 6.2.4 cannot upgrade to vRA 7.0.1 ???

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