VCDX #223

The two week waiting period after the defense were maddening. I had mood swings ranging from “what the F did I do” to “maybe juuuuuust maybe”.

And then finally after two weeks of nightmares and nail biting “the” defense results email arrives, I think I’ll never forget the moment that I received “the” email…

I was driving home from work and got a message from my fellow VCDX wannabe Matthew Bunce stating that someone already got his defense results. While reading this message an email notification appeared in the top of my phone called “VCDX – VCDX-DCV Defense Results”, my heart dropped to the bottom of my car. I managed to raise my finger over the the notification, swipe it to the right and read the first line of the email.


I remember thinking to myself, how do you mean “Congratulations! You passed!”? What the? I Passed!?! After I almost crashed my car into the crash barier (this proves again you should not read emails on your phone while driving!) I directly phoned Matthew and he also received the same good news! The VCDX directory has two new additions to the VCDX family, VCDX #222 and #223! Happy days!

You can read more about my VCDX journey and background on the blog of Gregg Robertson in his VCDX Spotlight section : The Saffageek VCDX Spotlight – Marco van Baggum

It now has been more than two weeks ago since I got my VCDX results back and it finally starts to sink in, I actually PASSED! I’m still over the moon and can’t wait to get started on some new projects and write some overdue blog post.

To be continued!

VCDX #223

Marco van Baggum

Marco works as a Staff Consulting Architect at VMware. Want to learn more about Marco? Check out Marco's About page.

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